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What is Boller Battle?

Boller Battle is an action-packed mobile game show that challenges teams to an exciting competition through various mini-games. In this unique, outdoor event, participants rent a specially converted Boller Wagon (based on an old German tradition) and compete in teams against each other. The mini-games cover a wide range of challenges, including knowledge quizes, skill games, physical competitions and tactical tasks. Boller Battle promotes teamwork, collaboration and competitive spirit, while providing plenty of fun and entertainment! With its mobile and flexible nature, Boller Battle can be conducted at your own pace along our predetermined route, making it the perfect choice for team-building events, birthday parties, bachelor parties and other group gatherings.

Where is Boller Battle?

Boller Battle currently takes place in Hamburg and begins with the wagon pick-up at the following address: 

Boller Battle
Wandsbeker Chaussee 212-214
22089 Hamburg

More cities to come in the near future!

What if it rains?

All our Boller Wagons are built to withstand a light shower. However, if the weather conditions are so poor that we need to cancel the outdoor event, you won't lose your money. You'll simply receive a voucher for the full amount and can reschedule your mini-game challenge for another day.

What kinds of groups can play Boller Battle?

All kinds! Boller Battle is suitable for all adventure seekers looking for an exciting and entertaining group experience. It's perfect for companies aiming to strengthen team dynamics and foster employee engagement. Similarly, it's ideal for birthday parties, bachelor parties and other private events to create unforgettable memories with friends and family. With its variety of mini-games, Boller Battle offers the perfect amount of excitement and fun for almost any group.

How many people can participate?

Typically, 2 to 12 people can participate per Boller Wagon. Larger groups can either rotate participants throughout the competition or rent multiple Boller Wagons at the same time. To ensure optimal gaming experience, feel free to contact us directly.

How long does the Boller Battle Event last?

All participants must arrive at our location 15 minutes before the booked appointment for a short briefing. After that, the Boller Wagon handover takes place and you embark on a 3-hour mini-game challenge through a nearby park.

How can I book Boller Battle?

You can easily book anytime online through our booking system. Simply choose your desired day and time in the booking calendar and we'll take care of everything! Afterwards, you'll receive a booking confirmation by email with all relevant information.

What are the opening hours?

Currently, we are open Fridays to Sundays, including holidays.

Fridays2 PM - 9 PM *
Saturdays10 AM - 9 PM *
Sundays and Holidays10 AM - 9 PM *

*However, before you simply drop by, it's better to contact us, as our opening hours are subject to change depending on booking occupancy and weather conditions.

What is included in the Boller Wagon?

All of our Boller Wagons are equipped with 9 exciting games, a quiz station with 4 buzzers, an extendable table, a Bluetooth speaker for music and a large beverage compartment for 2 standard beer crates (24 x 0.33L or 20 x 0.5L). Please note that groups are responsible for bringing their own beverages.

How much does Boller Battle cost?

The prices vary depending on group size. For a group of 12 people, it costs 30 Euros per person. You can find detailed information about the prices here.

Can I purchase a Boller Battle Gift Voucher?

Yes! Boller Battle is the perfect surprise for birthdays and anniversaries or even for Easter or Christmas. Give the gift of an unforgettable team event! Printable vouchers are available here.

Can I come with public transportation?

Yes, we even recommend arriving by public transportation. Thanks to our central location, you're only a short 4-minute walk away from the nearby S-Bahn and U-Bahn station "Wandsbeker Chaussee."

Do you have parking?

We recommend coming by public transportation due to the excellent connections, but if you prefer to come by car, you can park either on the street or at the CONTIPARK parking garage W1 - Wandsbek (charges apply and please note this parking garage is closed on Sundays).

Do we need to bring or prepare anything?

It is mandatory that at least one person brings a photo ID. Only then can the Boller Wagon be rented out to you. Besides that, you should have at least one smartphone with internet access per Boller Wagon. Furthermore, it wouldn't hurt to bring waterproof clothing and whatever drinks/snacks you like.

Where does the Boller Wagon Tour go?

We've developed the perfect route for you that runs through a nearby park. Since you'll be playing up to 9 mini-games against each other within 3 hours, the distance traveled will be limited - but there will be no limit to the action and fun! ;-)

Do you offer food and drinks?

We collaborate with our in-house caterer and would be delighted to offer you a delicious meal before or after the event. However, we would need prior notice to organize this. We can also prepare tasty sandwiches for your Boller Wagon Tour if you would like to take them with you. Please feel free to contact us in advance for this.

If desired, you can bring your own drinks during the Boller Wagon Tour. Our Boller Wagons are equipped with a large compartment for this purpose and the nearest supermarket or kiosk is practically right next door :-)

Is Boller Battle playable in different languages?

Yes, all of our Boller Wagon Challenges are playable in both German and English!

What types of payment methods are available?

The event must be paid for in advance during online booking process. We offer secure payment options via credit card, instant bank transfer or PayPal. If you have more players upon arrival than originally booked, the difference can be paid upon arrival with card.

What should we do if we don’t know how many people we are participating?

No problem at all! You can go ahead and book for a smaller group size and pay the rest by card upon arrival.

How physically active do I need to be? What if I have physical limitations?

Even the more active games are not very strenuous. It's best if you do not have any physical limitations but you also don't need any special level of fitness. Ultimately, it depends on how competitive you are in the mini-games. If you are worried about a physical limitation, please contact us directly.

For which events is the Boller Battle suitable?

Boller Battle is perfect for a variety of event and group activities. It's an ideal option for team-building events, as it promotes collaboration and team spirit. Similarly, it's excellent for private celebrations such as birthday parties and bachelor parties, providing a fun and interactive way to spend time together and create unforgettable memories. Additionally, Boller Battle is also a great choice for corporate events and company outings, offering a unique opportunity to combine fun and teambuilding activities.

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