Birthday Parties

Action-packed mini-games for a very special birthday experience

Celebrate an Unforgettable Birthday!

Celebrate your birthday with our mobile Boller Wagon Game Show. Simply book your desired date, pick up the wagon with your friends and take an exciting mini-game tour through a nearby park. This is a unique outdoor event with music, drinks and an unparalleled mini-game competition!

Boller Battle transforms birthday parties into an unforgettable experience full of fun, teamwork and competition. Our mobile Boller Wagon Game Show offers a unique combination of action-packed outdoor mini-games perfectly tailored to the needs of birthday groups.

The concept is simple: participants are divided into teams and compete in a variety of challenges that require both knowledge and skill. From quiz questions to skill games including physical contests, we offer a wide range of games that ensure excitement and entertainment for all!

A birthday party should be something special and Boller Battle provides just that. Our event creates a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere where friends and family come together to have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Boller Battle is perfect for birthday parties as it can be flexible to accommodate the needs and interests of the participants. Whether as the highlight of the party or as part of a full-day celebration marathon, Boller Battle offers a unique and unforgettable experience for birthday groups of all ages.

Book Boller Battle for your birthday party today and experience a very special celebration that you and your guests will cherish long after the big day. Get ready for action, fun and unforgettable adventures with Boller Battle!

The Most Important Questions & Answers

Can more than 12 people participate in the challenge?

It's no problem to play our Boller Battle Challenge with more than 12 people. Just book multiple Boller Wagons at the same time and experience one big mini-game marathon! We're happy to assist you with the organization. Just send us an email at types of mini-games and challenges are included in the Boller Battle event?

What types of mini-games and challenges are included in the Boller Battle event?

The Boller Battle event for birthday parties includes a variety of diverse mini-games and challenges. These range from quiz questions to skill-based games, as well as athletic competitions and tactical challenges. Each game is designed to strengthen teamwork while having fun and create unforgettable moments. Our experienced organizers are available to ensure that your birthday party is the perfect Boller Battle experience!

Do we need special equipment or clothing to participate in a Boller Battle birthday party?

Waterproof clothing is always a good idea for outdoor events like these! Otherwise, you just need at least one smartphone with internet access and drinks (if you want to bring them). Just make sure all participants are present at least 15 minutes before the start of the event and let the party begin!

Where can we do our Boller Wagon tour?

We have a wonderful park right next door to the wagon pick-up at Wandsbeker Chaussee 212-214, 22089 Hamburg. We will provide a pre-defined route specifically designed for the 3-hour duration of the Boller Battle Challenge. Additionally, you'll find conveniently located supermarkets as well as numerous kiosks and restaurants around the park.

What is included in the Boller Wagon event?

Our Boller Wagons are all equipped with a quiz station including buzzers, 9 various mini-games, a bluetooth speaker for your music and an additional compartment for drinks. Just bring along a smartphone with internet access, whatever beverages you’d like and a healthy dose of team spirit!

How long does a typical Boller Battle event for birthday parties last?

The  Boller Wagon is rentable for 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to compete in up to 9 mini-games.

Are there options for food or drinks during a Boller Battle birthday party?

You're welcome to bring along any drinks and snacks you'd like. All of our Boller Wagons have a large compartment for 2 standard beer crates (24 x 0.33l or 20 x 0.5l) as well as space for several bottles of wine/liquor. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to arrange lunch packs to take with you on the tour.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Our Boller Wagons can withstand a bit of rain so make sure to bring weatherproof clothing! However, if the weather conditions take a turn for the worse and we cannot hold the event, you will of course receive a voucher for the full amount and you can reschedule for another day. This way you won't incur any costs and can book risk-free!