Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

The ultimate interactive event for your stag do!

The Best Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Event

Book the perfect event for your bachelor or bachelorette party in Hamburg! Pick up our mini-game wagon and enjoy an unforgettable 3-hour tour in a nearby park. Compete against the bachelor during your stag do or crush the bride-to-be during her bachelorette party. A unique Boller Wagon tour full of music, drinks, mini-games and an unforgettable competition.

Boller Battle offers the ultimate experience for bachelor and bachelorette parties seeking the perfect blend of fun, competition and adventure. Our innovative mobile wagon game show is designed to create unforgettable experiences for both men and women's groups alike.

The concept is simple: participants are divided into teams and compete against each other in a variety of action-packed outdoor mini-games. From quiz questions to skill games to athletic contests, we offer a wide range of challenges that provide excitement and entertainment for all.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are an opportunity to create shared memories and celebrate the last days as a single in style. Boller Battle provides a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere where friends come together to conquer challenges and experience unforgettable moments.

Our event is flexible and can be tailored to the needs and interests of the participants. Whether as part of a full-day celebration marathon or as a standalone highlight of the day, Boller Battle ensures a unique and unforgettable party experience.

Book Boller Battle for your bachelor or bachelorette party today and experience a one-of-a-kind celebration that will stay with you and your friends for years to come. Get ready for action, fun, and unforgettable adventures with Boller Battle!

The Most Important Questions & Answers

How many people can participate in a Boller Battle bachelor party?

Typically, maximum 12 people can participate per Boller Wagon. However, multiple wagons can be rented for larger groups. We are happy to provide more personalized details to ensure you have the perfect bachelor party highlight! Just send an email to

Are there special offers or packages for bachelor party groups?

For bachelor party groups, Boller Battle offers special packages tailored to the needs and interests of the groups (subject to availability). These packages may include various additional services, such as exclusive game modes or provision of lunch packs. Contact us directly to discuss the available options and receive a customized offer for your bachelor party.

Are there options for food and drinks during Boller Battle?

Our Boller Wagons have a large compartment that can fit two standard beer crates or similar (20x0.5 liters or 24x0.33 liters). There is also space available for wine/liqour. You are welcome to stock up on beverages from the supermarket nearby and bring them along. Upon request and subject to availability, we can also prepare lunch packs for you, so you can start the challenge refreshed.

Where does the Boller Battle Tour take place?

The tour begins at Wandsbeker Chaussee 212-214, 22089 Hamburg. We have a pre-defined route through a beautiful neighboring park. You'll be pulling the Boller Wagon on well-maintained footpaths through the park with occasional breaks for exciting mini-games or a drink or two along the way.

What does the Boller Wagon include?

Our Boller Wagons are all equipped with a quiz station, 9 different mini-games, a bluetooth speaker for music and an additional compartment for drinks. Just bring along a smartphone with internet access, any beverages you like and a good dose of competitive team spirit!

What types of mini-games and challenges are included in the Boller Battle event?

Boller Battle for bachelor parties offers a wide range of mini-games and challenges with a focus on competitiveness and fun. The mini-games include quiz questions, skill-based games, physical contests and tactical challenges, ensuring something for everyone. The variety of games guarantees excitement and entertainment throughout the event. Our experienced organizers are available to ensure that your bachelor party group has the perfect Boller Battle experience.

Do we need to consider or prepare anything beforehand?

We take care of all the planning to ensure you have the most fun with your Boller Wagon Game Show! Just make sure all participants are present at least 15 minutes before the start of the event. Any drinks of snacks you’d like to bring can either be brought directly with you or purchased at a nearly store. Depending on the weather, waterproof clothing might not be a bad idea.

What happens in case of bad weather?

A short or light shower will be no problem for our Boller Wagons so make sure to bring waterproof clothing or an umbrella! However, if the weather conditions are so poor that we must cancel, you will be contacted the morning of the event and will receive a voucher for the full amount to reschedule another day. This way, you won't incur any costs and you can book risk-free!