Our Boller Wagons

Details about our fleet of Boller Wagons

Our Boller Battle Wagons

Currently, we offer one wagon, but we are already in the process of building a second and third wagon. In the near future, you will be able to rent multiple wagons simultaneously. Additionally, each wagon will be equipped with different games, so you'll have a completely new experience every time.

The features of our wagons include: 9 different games, a quiz station with 4 buzzers, a large compartment for drinks, an extendable table and a Bluetooth speaker.

Our wagons are the core of every Boller Battle event, providing a unique centerpiece for action-packed, outdoor adventure! Uniquely modified and specifically designed, our wagons are robust, mobile and perfect for hosting team-building events.

Each of our wagons is equipped with various mini-games and challenges aimed at sparking competitiveness and strengthening teamwork. From quiz questions to skill-based games including athletic contests, each wagon offers a diverse selection of activities that provide excitement and entertainment to all participants.

Not only are the wagons functional, but they are also beautifully crafted, creating an inviting atmosphere for all participants. With their vibrant color schemes and distinctive designs, they are eye-catching at any event and make the Boller Battle experience unforgettable.

Overall, our wagons provide the ideal platform for unique and memorable team-building events. Book Boller Battle today and experience action-packed adventure with our one of a kind wagons!