An Unforgettable Outdoor Event in Hamburg: Boller Wagon Game Show with exciting mini-games!

Welcome to our mobile Boller Battle Game Show in Hamburg! Perfect for team-building events or competitive fun with friends and family! Rent one of our fun-filled wagons and dive into a world of action-packed mini-games. Whether it's to strengthen team spirit or it’s all about the party, complete against each other in entertaining challenges and create unforgettable memories together. Book now and be the star of your own private game show!

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Boller Battle Challenge

2 to 12+






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German Boller Wagon Tradition with a Twist!

What is even a Boller Wagon? Traditionally, the concept of a Boller Wagon began for groups of German men who wanted to spend quality time together. And what better way to celebrate comradery than by filling a wagon full of beer and taking a stroll together!

Boller Wagen with a Twist!
Our upgraded Boller Wagons are filled with fun and entertainment! Are you a fan of shows such as "Beat the Star?” Then become part of your own mini-game challenge and experience a unique mix of quiz show, dexterity challenges, physical competitions, and lightning-fast reaction games. Borrow our unique wagon for 3 hours and play with 2 to 12+ players in teams against each other. By request, more people can be accommodated. Challenge each other, strengthen team spirit and experience outdoor fun like never before! Are you ready for the ultimate competition in Hamburg? Book now and experience an unforgettable event full of adrenaline, team spirit and fun!

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Check out the action-packed excitement of our Boller Wagon Game Show in our new trailer! Dive into a world full of thrilling team-building events with our exciting game show on wheels. Discover how we combine teamwork, competition and loads of fun to create unforgettable memories. Watch the trailer now and get ready for the ultimate Boller Battle adventure!

How it Works

your Team

Gather a group up to 12+ people per Boller Wagon

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Boller Wagon

Arrive 15 minutes before your booking to pick up your wagon

Let the Games

Head out to play 9 exciting mini-games against each other!


9 Games - 4 Categories

Our Boller Wagon Game Show is a unique team event that takes place outdoors. Participants compete against each other in exciting mini-games consisting of four categories: quiz, physical, tactical, and skill. Are you ready to test your knowledge, skills, strategic abilities, and dexterity? Book now for an unforgettable adventure full of challenges and fun for the entire team!

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Stag do
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party with our mobile Boller Battle Game Show! Our action-packed outdoor mini-games guarantee unforgettable moments filled with laughter and excitement. Challenge your friends to an exciting competition and strengthen the bond before the big day. Book now for a stag do full of fun, adrenaline, and everlasting memories!

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Teambuilding Activity
Team Events for Companies

Our mobile Boller Battle Game Show is the ideal team event for companies! Through diverse outdoor mini-games, teamwork is fostered while strengthening team spirit. Employees can get to know each other better in a playful environment and tackle fun challenges together. Book now for an unforgettable team-building experience that will improve motivation and productivity within the company!

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Family & Friends

Experience pure fun with friends or family with our mobile Boller Battle Game Show! Our diverse outdoor mini-games provide entertainment for all age groups. Strengthen your bond, challenge each other, and create unforgettable memories. Book now for an event full of action and adventure that deepens your connection and provides an unforgettable experience for everyone!

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Most Important Questions & Answers

What happens if it rains?

The wagon is waterproof and can still be enjoyed in light rain. We recommend you wear proper attire. However, if the rain and wind conditions are not suitable for an outdoor activity, we will contact you the morning of the event and give you a gift voucher to play another time.

We would like to book but don’t know how many people we will be.

No problem! You can secure the wagon on your desired date and time by booking for fewer people. If you are more on the day of the event, the difference can be paid upon arrival by card.

In how many teams will we be splitting ourselves up?

Depending on how many people are participating, you will split up into 2-4 teams and play against each other. Every game is designed so everyone will participate. Teamwork is key!

Where does the tour start and end?

The tour beings with the wagon pick-up at Wandsbeker Chaussee 212-214 and continues at a nearby park, perfect for a 3-hour tour. Supermarkets, multiple kiosks and restaurants can be found in the area. We will provide a printed map to help you navigate the route.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Yes! What would a Boller Wagon be without drinks? There is enough room for two cases of beer (24 x 0,33l oder 20 x 05l) as well as several bottles of wine/schnapps. Conveniently, there are several stores and kiosks nearby that you can stop at to purchase drinks/snacks.

How long does Boller Battle last?

All participants should arrive 15 minutes before the appointment. After a short introduction, you have 3 hours for your Boller Wagon Game Show!

How many people can play?

We currently offer one Boller Wagon for up to 12 people simultaneously. If you are a larger group you can either rent one wagon and split up who is playing which game or rent two wagons at the same time. More Boller Wagons are being built at the moment and will be offered soon! 

What do we need to bring and what’s in the wagon?

It is required that at least one person needs to bring a photo ID in order to rent the Boller Wagon. Other than that you simply need a smart phone with an internet connection and potentially waterproof clothing. All of our Boller Wagons are filled with 9 different mini-games, a quiz station including 4 buzzers, a large compartment for drinks, an extendible table and a Bluetooth speaker for music.


Unforgettable Experience!

Boller Battle was an unforgettable experience! The variety of games kept us engaged and entertained throughout the event. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an action-packed adventure!

– Anna B.

Fantastic Team Bonding!

We had an amazing time at Boller Battle! It was a fantastic way to bond as a team and overcome challenges together. The games were thrilling and the atmosphere was electric!

– Simon P.

Highlight of the Party!

Boller Battle was definitely the highlight of our party! The competitive spirit was contagious and we had so much fun competing against each other. Can't wait to do it again!

– Jan B.

Action-Packed Fun!

We absolutely loved Boller Battle! The games were action-packed and kept us on our toes the whole time. Such a fun way to spend the day with friends!

– Nicole M.

Unbeatable Adventure!

Boller Battle was an unbeatable adventure! The challenges were diverse and exciting, and the whole experience was incredibly well-organized. 10/10 would recommend!

– Alex H.

Thrilling Team Challenge!

Thrilling from start to finish! Boller Battle provided the perfect team challenge for us. It was exhilarating to work together and compete in such a unique setting.

– Dan V.

Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend Boller Battle for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience. The games were intense, the staff was friendly, and the overall atmosphere was fantastic!

– Markus K.

Best Team Event Ever!

Hands down the best team event we've ever done! Boller Battle was action-packed, adrenaline-fueled, and downright awesome. Can't wait to bring our team back for more!

– Jenny P.

The mini-games in our Boller Battle Wagons consist of 4 categories:

Quiz Games

Test your knowledge with our Boller Battle Quiz Station! Our exciting quiz questions and brain teasers not only provide an entertaining challenge but also promote teamwork. Create unforgettable memories outdoors and book now for a team event full of tricky tasks and shared achievements!

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Active Minigames

Our Boller Battle Wagons are full of power - but how much power do you have? Participate in athletic, teamwork-driven tasks with our active Boller Battle challenges! Through diverse and creative mini-games, we promote teambuilding while ensuring active entertainment outdoors. Book now for an energetic event full of fun, competition, and community!

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Tactical Games

Utilize your tactics in our Boller Wagon Game Show! With strategic tactical games, we offer you the perfect opportunity to enhance your strategic skills and emerge victorious with your team in an outdoor setting. Book now for an event full of excitement and challenges!

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Skill Games

Our Boller Battle Game Show offers challenging games that require skill and a steady hand. This unique event is perfect for teambuilding and outdoor fun! Rent our one-of-a-kind wagons now and experience action-packed challenges to strengthen your teamspirit!

Rent a Boller Wagon