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A teambuilding Boller Battle event for companies

A Truly Special Teambuilding Event!

Gather your coworkers and join us for a unique team-building experience. By renting one of our Boller Wagon Challenges, you will embark on an unforgettable team event. Enjoy a wagon tour through a beautiful park on our recommended route, while participating in exciting competitions!

Boller Battle is the ideal choice for companies looking to take their teambuilding to the next level. Our innovative concept combines fun, outdoor mini-games with exciting team competition. Participants are divided into teams and compete in various challenges that require both knowledge and skill.

Our mini-games are divided into four categories: Quiz, Active, Tactical, and Strategic. From tricky quiz questions to exciting sports competitions, we offer a diverse selection that addresses and promotes all aspects of teamwork.

Participating in Boller Battle allows employees to enhance their skills in an entertaining and interactive environment. Through teamwork, they learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and achieve common goals. This not only strengthens team spirit but also contributes to a positive company culture.

Our event offers companies a flexible and tailored teambuilding experience. Whether as part of a multi-day corporate retreat or as a stand-alone event, Boller Battle can be customized to meet the needs and goals of any company.

Furthermore, Boller Battle creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere, allowing employees to get to know each other better outside of the work environment and build interpersonal relationships. This ultimately contributes to improved cooperation and a positive work environment.

Book Boller Battle for your company today and experience a team event that motivates, inspires and brings your employees together stronger than ever before. 

The Most Important Questions & Answers

What happens to our booking if the weather is bad?

A brief or mild shower won't pose any issue for our Boller Wagons, so please ensure you bring waterproof clothing. However, if the weather conditions worsen to the point that a cancellation is necessary, you'll be notified on the morning of the event and provided with a voucher for the full amount. You can use the voucher to reschedule for another day. This ensures you won't face any expenses, allowing you to book with no risk!

What mini-games and challenges are included in the Boller Battle event and how fit do you need to be?

The Boller Battle event offers a diverse selection of mini-games aimed at challenging various skills and strengths of the participants. The mini-games include quiz games that test your knowledge, skill-based games requiring eye-hand coordination, sports games promoting physical activity and teamwork, as well as tactical games requiring strategic thinking. Each game is designed to strengthen collaboration and competitiveness within the team and provide an entertaining and challenging experience. Even for the more active games, players do not need to meet any athletic requirements. Anyone without significant physical limitations can participate. If you have someone on the team who has a physical limitation, please feel free to contact us and we’re sure we can find a solution!

Are we playing together or against each other? And how do we divide ourselves up?

Up to 12 players can participate per Boller Wagon and depending on group size, you will divide yourselves into 2-4 groups. These groups play against each other to earn the most points and win the Boller Battle victory. If you have more than 12 people in your group, you can rent multiple Boller Wagons and embark on your mini-game journey simultaneously.

Where can we do the Boller Battle Tour?

We will be greeting 15 minutes before your booking starts at: Wandsbeker Chaussee 212-214, 22089 Hamburg. We provide a pre-defined route through a beautiful neighboring park. You'll be moving the Boller Wagon on well-maintained footpaths throughout this park, with occasional breaks for exciting mini-games.

Do you also offer catering or drinks?

Upon request, we can organize catering in our location both before and after the event. Alternatively, we have the option to provide you with lunch packs that you can take with you on your Boller Battle tour. Feel free to bring your own drinks to enjoy during the event outside. Our wagons are equipped with a large compartment to store two beer crates (24 x 0.33 liters or 20 x 0.5 liters). For more information on catering, feel free to contact us in advance at:

Can more than 12 people play?

Yes! If you are more than 12 people, you can rent multiple Boller Wagons simultaneously and head out along the same path together. We are happy to help plan the perfect team event for many different group sizes. Feel free to contact us via email at

How physically active are the games?

For active games, participants do not need to fulfill any athletic criteria. Anyone without notable physical restrictions can join in. Should there be a team member with a physical limitation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're confident we will find a solution!

How can Boller Battle help improve team spirit and cooperation within our company?

Boller Battle provides an array of mini-games designed to challenge participants' diverse skills and strengths. These include quiz games to assess knowledge, skill-based activities requiring eye-hand coordination, active contests encouraging physical activity/teamwork and tactical games requiring strategic thinking. Each game is designed to enhance collaboration and competitiveness within the team, ensuring fun is had by all!