About Us

Who is behind Boller Battle?

The Founders of Boller Battle

We, Caroline and Philip Kirchhof, met in Chicago in 2011 and after completing our studies and working in the corporate world for a few years, we decided to start own business. Since 2015, we have been running our own company, the YellowShare GmbH, under the brand "Big Break Hamburg." We operate 4 premium escape rooms in the heart of downtown Hamburg and are proud to have achieved high recognition within the escape room community including several prestigious awards. Our passion for games of all kinds has accompanied us since childhood. We enjoy seeing others work together as a team and create new experiences together, which has driven us to incorporate this passion into our professional lives. Being able to provide unforgettable experiences for our players brings us great joy. In 2023, we decided to continue evolving and launched another service under the name "Boller Battle." After thorough planning and many hours of construction, the first Boller Wagon prototype was ready. We look forward to presenting you with even more Boller Wagon versions not only in Hamburg but also in other cities in the near future!